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two clubs, one name, stronger communities

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In September 2021, BGC Kamloops amalgamated with BGC Williams Lake Club. We are excited to work alongside each other under the BGC Kamloops and Williams Lake Club name to better serve our communities.


What does this amalgamation mean?


It means the Executive Director oversees both locations, making for a stronger, more efficient team.

In Williams Lake, Krista Harvey is the Director of Williams Lake.

In Kamloops, Kerry Woehle, is the Director of Kamloops.

Any donations made to Williams Lake Club, stay in Williams Lake and donations made to Kamloops Club, stay in Kamloops.


The only change with donations is that all charitable tax receipts are issued from Kamloops Club.

To donate to the Williams Lake Club, click here

To learn about BGC Kamloops, click here

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