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For those youth who face significant challenges in their lives, our outreach staff work tirelessly to provide much needed support and advocacy. We work on behalf of the youth with other supporting agencies and government partners to help these youth learn to manage themselves in often volatile situations, access the services that are available to them, and prevent them from making destructive decisions. We believe that every child and youth in our city deserves our support, regardless of their circumstances and past choices, and we are committed to helping them lead productive lives.

Our outreach workers spend their days working with over 160 different youth in our community who are without positive adult relationships and mentors, in unstable living environments, and participate in anti-social, health compromising and self-destructive activities. Our goal is to connect them to a larger support system in order to contribute to a level of stability in their lives and increase their chances of addressing their challenges.

Please contact the club at 250-392-5730 to get in touch with an outreach worker. Or visit the Contact page for a list of outreach email addresses.